Knockoffs: Creating an Effective Strategy on a Tight Budget

Milton Springut, Luxury Daily

March 21, 2017


It’s a fact of life:  success breeds imitation.  Companies that have successful lines of goods are soon faced with numerous imitators, counterfeiters, and other pirates.  The internet and the free flow of goods internationally only magnifies the problem.  Companies realize they have to do something – but something also costs money.  How does a company formulate a cost-effective strategy to deal with counterfeits, yet stay in budget?


Our article in the Luxury Daily, Knockoffs: Creating An Effective Strategy on a Tight Budget, the first in a series of articles, seeks to answer this question.  As discussed there, the first step is to assess both the extent and types of knockoffs in the market.  Later installments will discuss such topics as prioritizing among various targets; ensuring that the company’s IP foundation is sufficient for enforcement, and then implementing the enforcement plan.


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