In a tough economy, battling international competition and short-cycle, tight budgets, it’s more important than ever to protect the creative value of the work you do.

Creativity and innovation are key to economic growth and competitiveness. A substantial return on investment on creativity depends on your ability to stake out new territory and establish your claim, quickly and efficiently. An idea is not an asset until you make it yours.

Springut Law has pioneered a matrixed approach to IP, applying multiple tools and view points to a specific product, concept or business initiative. Our cross-trained team, each of which has deep experience in multiple disciplines, quickly and efficiently identifies potential IP value across the full spectrum of possibilities, and maps out the most cost-effective strategy to establish ownership and protection. We’re attuned to the fast pace of innovation, and the need to streamline the IP process to accelerate time to market. When pursuing cases of infringement, we’re similarly creative in working outside the traditional “big law” silos to target twentieth-century versions of IP theft. In court, and in negotiation, this approach has won significant judgments, out of proportion to the expected cost of litigation.

In the end, the logic is simple. We can provide you with the best ROI on your IP investment.