pre-litigation case assessment

Look Before You Leap: Trademark Decision Highlights Importance of Thorough Pre-Litigation Assessment of Case

A recent Ninth Circuit decision, Virag, S.R.L. v. Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC, highlights that companies considering litigation need to ask two hard questions:

  • What are our chances of success, and what are the other side’s best defenses?
  • What is the business purpose of bringing suit?

All indications are that this was a case that should never have been brought. The case involved display of a trademark (for commercial flooring products) in a race-car video game by Sony. The court affirmed summary dismissal based on a long-standing First Amendment limitation on trademark suits. Apart from that, the claims appear both very weak under basic trademark law and to have little business purpose. Meanwhile, the plaintiff spent significant legal fees and now faces defending a big fee application from the defendants.

The takeaway: don’t be led down the primrose path. Ask the hard questions before bringing suit. And make sure you are getting frank advice from your counsel.