Our lawyers have considerable experience representing clients in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and medical technology industries.  We have obtained hundreds of patents for clients in these fields, and have litigated many cases involving such rights.

enforcement and litigation of basic patents for dna synthethis

Our lawyers litigated the basic patents for DNA (oligonucleotide) synthesis (“gene machine” patents) for over 20 years.  Each case led to a successful settlement and licensing, and our litigation successes resulted in industry-wide licensing of the patents.


litigation of patents related to dna sequence identification technology

We litigated cutting edge patents in the field of detection and identification of DNA nucleotide and sequence detection.  Our litigation efforts resulted in settlements on favorable terms.


Over Forty-Five Notices Of Allowances Obtained For siRNA Patents

siRNA is a technology that is based on the phenomenon that short double stranded RNA has the ability to silence gene expression.  We drafted and prosecuted to allowance over sixty patents for this technology.

We secured allowance on U.S. Patent No. 6,946,125 directed to method of treating West Nile Virus.

We drafted and prosecuted patents directed to methods of treating West Nile Virus Infections using Interferon.

We performed numerous diligences on Intellectual Property on technology involving medical devices and new biological and pharmaceutical compositions.