Our lawyers have represented technology and media clients in all manner of intellectual property matters.  Whether it is prosecuting patent and trademark applications, enforcing rights through litigation, or drafting licenses, our attorneys have the experience to service any client in the field.

Patent Case Dismissed On Summary Judgment With No Discovery

Plaintiff asserted its reissued patent against multiple parties.  Most settled.  But our client did not want to pay the price of the proverbial “hold-up.”  Our lawyers asserted a motion for summary judgment in lieu of an answer, and had all the claims dismissed before any discovery was taken, saving our client significant litigation fees.  We then successfully defended the decision on appeal where it was affirmed.


Copyright Case Settled Without Paying Troll A Dime

A notorious “copyright troll” brought a case against our client, one of the largest chat and photo sharing websites in the world, hosting some 400 Million user posted photographs. The plaintiff has made a cottage industry of obtaining copyrights to celebrity photographs and then bringing hundreds of suits against websites where the photographs appear.

Typically, trolls exploit the expense of litigation to extract a small but painful settlement. Although such claims are generally covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, proving immunity under that statute can be expensive. Our lawyers were able to determine that on the facts of the case, the plaintiff was going to have a very difficult time proving liability, even before the DMCA defense would be considered. We were then able to leverage that to arrive at a quick settlement with no payment by our client.


Favorable Settlement ON BEHALF OF LEVITON MANUFACTURING CO. In Patent Malpractice Case

Our lawyers worked with malpractice counsel to obtain a highly favorable and sizable settlement against one of the largest U.S. law firms.  Persuasively jumping the multitude of hurdles for proving a “case-within-a-case” on complex allegations of misconduct over an extended period of time relating to both patent litigation and prosecution laid the foundation for settlement.

The case was aggressively defended by another leading trial firm, and involved almost 2 years of extensive and intensive work such as document, deposition and expert discovery plus multiple motions, during which our lawyers repeatedly obtained favorable rulings from the magistrate judge and district court judge.

This case is exemplary of Springut Law’s “IP PLUS” work, where IP needs to be blended with other fields of law, e.g., antitrust, ethics, malpractice, bankruptcy, venture capital, entrepreneurs, insurance, SOX/corporate governance, valuation/FASB.